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Pacific Coast Spirit Watch

Pacific Coast Spirit Watch


It’s no surprise that the many of the historic buildings in the town have reported seeing ghosts, strange lights and other haunted activities. The most common occurrences are sightings of people, sounds of footsteps or muffled voices, objects that move, doors opening and closing or lights turning on and off.

While you can’t stay at the Pleasanton Hotel, you can dine there at the Farmer Restaurant. This haunted spot was a favorite of gamblers and prostitutes.  If fact, during the 1950’s the building was owned by Paul “Bouquet” Cohn, the brother of infamous gangster Mickey Cohn. The famous ghostly resident of the hotel is a prostitute who was murdered in 1870.  She continues to haunt the establishment to this day.  Tenants on the top floor of the building have reported that a cold spot where she near where she died.  Others have heard footsteps, reported instances of not being able to open their doors as if someone is holding it shut and have felt like someone is watching them.

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