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Pacific Coast Spirit Watch

Pacific Coast Spirit Watch



Below is a 3 part video  shot in the Engine Room where someone by the name of Eddie had committed suicide and was totally unexpected. This video needs no explanation and is totally AWESOME. Please watch and ENJOY!!!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You will see an orb come out from the upper right hand side of the screen...Doctor was in the building!!!

Light show.

The slideshow below are of pictures taken by the Walsh Family (Craig, Ryan and Tyler). They decided to join us for the investigation and spend the night in Sick Bay. It was a pleasure having them on board.

Captured by Pam

The following EVP was captured in the Sick Bay Unit. We placed a recorder in the Operation Room before we had left to go up the hanger. If you ever get to go on this ship, you will realize that noise travels very well. That said, if someone happened to stroll by whistling, my recorder would have picked up the footsteps.

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