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Pacific Coast Spirit Watch

Pacific Coast Spirit Watch

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The..................

During the last two years we have taken our search for the paranormal seriously but during our search we have had several funny moments along the way.  This page will be used to chronicle those moments.

On our first trip to the USS Hornet we were investigating the Admiral's command area.  We were taking pictures and listening to our guide when we heard an odd noise.  It made a "PSST" sound from somewhere near by.  Even our guide was not sure what it was.  We all stood silent...listening..hoping that it would repeat, and it did.  As we listened we tried to locate it.  One of our team, Tammy  began to focus on the shower area located toward the back of the area.  We heard it several times and Tammy finally zero'd in on the sound.  She stepped into the shower area and found the culprit.....a timed air freshener that even the our Hornet guide...We now refer to this as the CASE OF THE HAUNTED AIR FRESHNER.....DEBUNK




On our last visit to the USS Hornet we decided as we had on our previous overnight to spend the night in the Sick Bay which is reputed to be one of the most active part of the ship.  Our guide "Gary" tried to dissuade us but we were sure.  The only lights were the red running lights that cast a  ghostly red glow in the dark.  I was sleeping in a bunk that had a clear view down the hall past the examine rooms.  As we all know your eyes can play tricks in the dark, especially in areas we are not comfortable.  I awoke to see something strange in the corridor - my eyes did not seem to focus and as I laid there I began to form an image.  As I laid there for what seemed like forever I thought I saw something standing in the corridor - finally I couldn't stand it any more and let out a yell.  As everyone continued to sleep Robert jumped up and turn on his flashlight....I finally clearly saw what had been looming there...."Nevermind," I said...."It's just a water cooler."......DEBUNK 


In April the team visited the Hotel Leger in Mokelume Hill CA.  Built in the 1860's at one point it served as the Courthouse and jail.  In the lower floor of the Leger are two remodeled rooms.  One called the new jail which is used for special events and the old jail which has a gothic scary feel.  Rock walls and catacomb like alcoves.  Robert and Isaac were manning the monitors  in the front room of the Old Jail as the rest of the team did evp sessions in the back rooms of the same area.  All was quiet and Robert and Isaac were seeing what looked like orb activity in the New Jail.  The team moved to the New Jail since as sometimes happens all was quiet, no movement, no sound.  It was around 2am and everyone was tired and a bit bored.  As we sat around the table Monica saw a "light" shoot across the top of the ceiling and she pointed it out.  As we turned to look another set of "lights" shot across the ceiling and we all started taking pictures.  Then it struck me that there could be another explanation.  I got up and walked toward the security camera located toward the front of the room.  There was a hole that went through the two rooms.  We used it to run the security camera wires between the rooms.  I walked to the hole in the wall and said, "Robert, Isaac did you two do that?"  All I heard was laughter.  They were getting bored, it was late and they decided to liven things up.  They said that we looked like Paparazzi.....DEBUNK

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